Fire Alarm Systems

Scalable Solutions

50 points or 50,000 points? Whatever the scale, Pendergraph has you covered with our analog addressable fire detection systems. We have customized scalable solutions for the small stand-alone facility to the large networked multi-building campus. Our diverse product offering allows clients to expand with ease, without doing a wholesale replacement for each add-on desired.

Engineered Solutions

Proper design of a fire alarm system requires a certain level of skillfulness from engineers. Pendergraph�s history of successfully engineering these systems for a variety of applications can be put to work for you. Pendergraph has successfully implemented new technologies and designs which have proven to be cost effective without compromising Life Safety. Value engineered alternatives are integrated into every aspect of the design process.

Code Compliant Testing

NICET - National Institute for Certification Engineering TechnologiesPendergraph�s innovative web based solution to fire alarm testing services offer a simplified approach for accurate, verifiable code compliant testing. Costly paper based testing is replaced with real-time data and on-demand reports.

System Survivability

In the event of a partial system failure, the survivability of the remaining portions of your system is crucial. Our solutions are designed with survivability in mind to keep your system off the casualty list in the event of a catastrophe.

Nuisance Alarms Reduction

Nuisance or "false" alarms continue to plague the fire alarm industry. Systems without the ability to incorporate the technology that reduces such alarms could potentially leave you to deal with the costly and unnecessary evacuation of occupants. In addition, reoccurring nuisance alarms will produce a sense apprehension among your occupants� which could prove to be life threatening in the event of a true alarm emergency.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression

For many companies, fire-related downtime would be devastating in revenues, customers and profits.

Inoperable equipment, service interruptions, and the inability to produce valuable data, documents and resources is cause for companies to look for a solution to protect themselves. Pendergraph can expertly design a Clean Agent system for your operation that minimizes damages and downtime by quickly sensing and extinguishing a fire.

Pendergraph�s Clean Agent extinguishes fire rapidly by discharging a non-toxic, environmentally friendly agent in 10 seconds or less! The agent discharges as a gas, leaves no residue, and requires no costly clean-up, unlike sprinklers and other systems.

Clean Agent Applications

  • Control rooms
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Computer rooms
  • Data processing equipment
  • Record & archive storage
  • Museums
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical & medical facilities