Tying it all together.

So what can you expect from Pendergraph?

  • Successfully implemented system design and procedures
  • Combined expertise of our highly knowledgeable team
  • Consistent regard to your ongoing needs

Pendergraph is a systems integration firm experienced in the design, assembly, installation, maintenance, testing and management of low-voltage systems.

Our specifically developed guidelines and procedures have been continually implemented with great success over the past forty-two years.

Pendergraph's corporate existence is marked with stability, trust, integrity, and accomplishment. These values and expectations are recognizable in our staff of over thirty, many of which have been with the company for over ten years.

When considering systems integration you need a contractor with great expertise in design and implementation, and someone who demonstrates commitment to detail in all aspects of your project. Our history combined with our current standing in today's marketplace, is evidence of our ability to meet the often complicated demands of such system solutions. From the drawing board to installation, Pendergraph is primed to provide the most reliable, specific, and cost effective solution to meet your individual needs.

Application analysis

Because Pendergraph's Account Managers are product specific they remain one hundred percent focused on their corresponding trade at all times. Our three Account Mangers cover Fire, Security, and Communications separately, each devoting a substantial amount time to continually improving their skills and knowledge base of the products they represent. This know-how and devotion qualifies them to assist you in determining what's best. With Pendergraph, you can always count on the recommendations of our sales team to be accurate, resourceful, and well calculated.

System design

Pendergraph's design team stays current with the latest technologies. We have constant contact with the industry's leading manufacturers and product engineers to stay up-to-date and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of our systems and their available options. Our design staff and account managers work together to create the best solution for you.


At Pendergraph we're aware that if installation isn't done appropriately, there will certainly be difficulties somewhere down the road. Our technical staff adheres to the rigid installation guidelines and procedures which we so strongly emphasized above. Where any Pendergraph installation is concerned, you can be assured that your project is beginning and will end based on these precisely developed practices and standards. Ultimately, we do everything possible to make certain there is minimal potential for snags in the installation process which directly affects the life of your system.

System training

It is our philosophy that a system can only be effective if employees are secure in using and/or maintaining it. Pendergraph often does not adhere to the limited training that many factories recommend. We are absolutely committed to working with users on a basis of need, making certain that all are capable and skilled in the usage of their system. Users must understand the technology to their fullest extent necessary. Otherwise, the full potential of a system is never completely realized.

System service

In addition to excellent service, Pendergraph pioneered the ServicePLUS program to provide a premier protection option with the highest level of response and service. There are no surprises with ServicePLUS...all labor and materials are covered under one fixed price. Check out ServicePLUS benefits...and you won't find a comparable program in the industry.

ServicePLUS Schedule of Services

  • Always available... 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Guaranteed response times ranging between two to four working hours
  • Priority response status
  • Correct24' problem resolution within 24 hours
  • Complete parts and labor coverage
  • Dedicated inventory for instant loaner materials
  • Preventative maintenance & testing


We had a patient family complain...I grabbed a report from the new system and was able to show the family that nurses were in the patient's room 32 times in 24 hours. Instead of creating more noise by calling on the overhead all the time, the system now shows doctors where the nurse is. Pendergraph's nurse call system surpasses any system out there. They've taken great care of us.

Dan Hall
Chief Nursing Officer/
Administrative Director
Integris Blackwell Regional Hospital

We shopped for our video systems with them... Pendergraph has all the latest and greatest technology and they service a variety of product lines. They did a fantastic install and they've stood by their product. They've done right by us from the beginning. Unequivocally one of Oklahoma's top companies.

David Bagley
Building Manager
Utica Place

Excellent service and very knowledgeable about their product. Pendergraph has successfully integrated the student enrollment database with our security system so that now the cardholder record is automatically populated with what's needed.

John Greene
PC Support Specialist
Tulsa Community College

I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to anybody. Throughout all of our interaction with Pendergraph, they've been professional, prompt, and knowledgeable about the services they provide. When it comes to quotes, they've always been competitive. And, they're a long-term company...that's very important to me, because I'm not going to award any contracts to anyone I don't think is going to be around for a long time.

Jesse Millan
Director of Security

I've dealt with Pendergraph for seven years. And personally, I think they're outstanding in the pre-programming stages in new install, and in service and commitment after the sale...and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. They've been great.

Jose Benavides
Regional Facilities Manager
John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts

The Pendergraph installation and service team is very responsive and does their best to resolve any issues we encounter as soon as possible. They're flexible in scheduling the fire alarm tests at our facility so it doesn't inconvenience our tenants. I always know that if I have any issues, I can always call Doug Padgett and he'll take care of whatever it is immediately.

Carl Vincent
General Manager
Ruffin Properties

We're very pleased. The system has been a huge time saver for us And when we do have problems, Pendergraph is really quick to respond...they send somebody over right away. You know how you worry...even if somebody has a good product...will they back it up afterwards? But Pendergraph has been great.

Kristy Fugate
RN / Charge Nurse on Days
St. John Medical Center, Inc.